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When considering the option of getting trained in Lean Six Sigma or getting started to know how to work with it or implement it in a company, you will have to think about going for a yellow belt instead of others. Something peculiar about LSS is that you do not need to complete one level or, in this case, a belt, to be able to go for the next one. Keeping this in mind and before continuing, you must know that Lean 6 Sigma consists of over 4 different belts and for those starting with it, a yellow one tends to be the introductory level that includes the basics, terminology, essentials, concepts, principles, and more.

Now, since it is not necessary to complete it to move on with the next belt, many tend to skip it and go for maybe a green or black belt. If this is possible, why would you invest time and resources in a yellow one? The main reason lies in something simple: because when you follow the order of the training, you can complete all belts faster and without any issues. Also, you gain more benefits and relevance when you complete all of them, and considering that each belt takes longer the more advanced it is, you have to adjust your choice to what you are able to handle at the moment.

LSS Wisconsin-Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Besides, when you know nothing about the methodology, a green belt or black one can be too advanced for you. Therefore, isn’t it logical to focus on what you should handle as a beginner or someone that maybe just wants to add some value to his or her personal and professional lives by learning the basics about Six Sigma? At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Wisconsin, we encourage companies to train their workers in a yellow belt before anything else and for those interested in climbing and doing it right, this level is the way to go.

How to Get Yellow Belt Training

First, not all companies specialized in LSS offer training among their services and if they do, you have to make sure that a yellow belt is available. Otherwise, you will be choosing the wrong experts. It sounds simple and logical, but not all companies are honest about their capabilities and solutions and can end up taking up a task that is not what they can handle. With this in mind, should you rely on us for this?

Our company has been in the LSS field for over a decade and since the methodology is popular and quite requested among companies, we focused on consulting services before anything else. However, we understood long ago that 6 Sigma training is also crucial and we wanted to do things right. Other belts like white, brown, and master black are available and, in this case, a white belt would be the introductory level for many. We believe it is unnecessary to go over a white one considering that a yellow includes the basics, principles, and essentials to start working in small roles within an LSS team.

Now, what does this have to do in relying on us for the training? On the fact that we will include the elements and topics, you would review in a white belt course and also add more aspects in the yellow belt to ensure you are able to get prepared and introduced to the next level for future purposes and extra knowledge. Unlike other companies and experts, we want to ensure your compliance with the methodology to the point where you can be a data analyst, work in reporting issues, or solving certain problems in the company. However, we believe it is a waste to just focus on what is necessary and not include other elements that can be game-changing for your future or prepare your workers even better. Accessing our 6 Sigma yellow belt is not difficult since we are located in several cities in Wisconsin and if you cannot locate us, we will get to you in no time.

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How Long Does It Take to Complete A Yellow Belt?

If you are worried about the time you need to invest considering the work you have or the responsibilities that tend to limit your time, it should not be an issue for a yellow belt. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that requires dedication, but depending on the belt training you are accessing. A yellow belt course will not take more than 2 weeks most of the time, and in our company, we make sure to get it done in 10 days at most. Completing the yellow belt is simple since you will not go in deep with the advanced topics or long aspects of the methodology, but this does not mean that because it is a fast one, you will not learn what it takes.

Here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Wisconsin, we adapt your schedule to the course and since you can access a yellow belt and complete it either online or in-person, you will find it quite simple and easy to dedicate time to it. We do not want to take longer than necessary since you are either trying to work in a company, apply for a job position, or just add value to your curriculum as soon as possible. Now, what is required to complete a yellow belt? More than the training, you also have to consider the LSS certification you should obtain from it. Certifications are what demonstrate your compliance and understanding to this level and not all companies can issue them.

In our case, a yellow belt certification is not a problem but you have to go over the training and corresponding exam as well before even thinking about opting for it. For now, just focus on the LSS course you can take with us, expect to complete it in 7 to 10 days, and ask more about the certification service we offer once you are ready to get certified.

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