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Any resident in Appleton is trying to find reliable experts for different needs and objectives, and depending on them, it may be difficult or not to find them. Now, when it comes to Lean Six Sigma, the issue does not lie in finding experts but rather making sure they are reliable. Fortunately, our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Wisconsin is always open to provide services and solutions for your Sigma needs, which means you only need to let us know what you have in your hands and we are going to work around it. With this in mind, you must know that integrating Lean 6 Sigma into a company comes with two options: developing talent or hiring it.

If this is your case—the necessity of implementing the methodology—, we will need you to let us know if you want our LSS consultant to provide guidance or handle the entire process—hire talent—, or if you prefer to have your workers trained in Lean Six Sigma in different levels—develop talent.

LSS Wisconsin - Appleton-WI

Based on your decision, we will offer different services that go according to it and keep in mind that having our consultants is not the same as having trainers or experts dedicated to training your employees. Now, when it comes to LSS training, workers are not the only ones able to access them. Any individual in Appleton interested in learning how Sigma works and working with the methodology can contact us to access the service. Our company offers three specific types of training: yellow, green, and black belts, which correspond to the levels in the methodology that are known as ‘belts’. Individuals and organizations in Appleton can get access to any of them and qualify for certification after completing any of the training options.

How to Know If You Need Lean Six Sigma

If you are a company that feels identified with the need of improving processes, its performance, bringing more value to the products, reducing waste, and costs; then, you definitely need to get started with Sigma. As for individuals, it is a matter of personal growth due to how many skills you will be able to develop thanks to the methodology and the knowledge you will obtain from the training, which is useful to work with Sigma but also in other methodologies and with them, companies in different industries.

In our experience, we have not met any individual who has not gained benefits from dedicating time to this methodology, which is why we always recommend it despite not getting trained with us at the end because we know it will be more than useful and necessary. Just make sure to choose the belt training that satisfies your needs based on the roles you want to fulfill someday and the knowledge you want to acquire. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Wisconsin, we will always have our doors open for anything you need and we are confident about you wanting to get introduced to Sigma one way or another.

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