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For high school students, getting career options and work opportunities is difficult due to their lack of experience and knowledge in certain areas. Therefore, providing them with Lean Six Sigma training that can make up—somehow—for those deficiencies can be a great idea, especially when located in Brookfield. This methodology has been a great option for students over the last few years and the reason lies in the skills they have to develop in order to work with Six Sigma. If you are not well-versed in it, the main reason why you should provide them with the opportunity lies in the fact that knowledge about the methodology is not everything that is provided during training.

Problem-solving skills, decision-making, teamwork, brainstorming, data collecting, and many other aspects and topics are included and are incredibly useful for students and not only adults and professionals. However, Lean 6 Sigma is not only about how the methodology works but also about gaining experience in it, which is something that students will be lacking despite going over the training.

LSS Wisconsin - Brookfield WI

This is why the LSS training provided to them is not the same as the usual one and some topics and aspects should be adapted to help to reduce the difference in this matter. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Wisconsin, we are able to provide a specific course for high school students that will allow them to add value to their curriculums and obtain the rest of the benefits. Just keep in mind this LSS course must be integrated into their schedules either if you choose the online or in-person option.

How to Access Lean Six Sigma for Students

It is a simple as finding the right company and experts and since we are available in the city, it will only take a call or email to request our course. We have put a lot of effort into it considering how much high school students need to meet their credits or be able to have more chances in such a hostile world right after they finish. Since experience is what tends to matter nowadays, we want to make sure they are able to cover part of it by being well-versed in the methodology and developing valuable skills that most companies cannot ignore.

With that said, their Lean 6 Sigma training is based on two main belts: yellow and green. Other belts are available for regular training and certifications, but we are unable to open them due to how advanced they are and our business only works with the most relevant ones, the previous two, and the black belt. With this in mind, you can also expect us to issue a certification according to the belt they complete during the training we will be providing. You only need to allow us to get them trained and open the exam required to pass in order to have their certifications, and all this is accessible as long as you call, email, or visit us in the city.

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